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Drive and Explore the Pearl of Africa

Spot Way Rentals offers city drive car rentals, Safari car rentals, business car rentals, VIP transportation car rentals, Weeding car rentals among others. All our safari car rentals are 4x4 rentals customized with either a rooftop pop-up for perfect game viewing or rooftop tent camping for an amazing outdoor camping on top of your car rental.

We are known for greater and good services, we have a 24 hours special attentions to all our clients. You can book with us your car rental in a space of just an hour, so reach to our reservation desk, and talk to Chris, or reach to our Whatsapp on +265709252804

With terms like car hire, car rentals, rent a car, hire a car, Spot Way Rentals is best spot to sight these possibilities. We are opened for all your car rental solutions in Uganda, Spot Way Rentals is a trusted indigenous car rental company

Our Rental Categories

We are opened for all your car rental solutions in Uganda, Spot Way Rentals is a trusted indigenous car rental company. Choose from a wide range of our Car rental collection right from Wedding Vehicles and Safari Vehicles among others.

Our vehicle fleet

Have a car of your choice from the variety of vehicles suitable for various purposes. Drive right from Entebbe International Airport to Kampala capital, through Jinja the East African adventure capital, and continue with the eastern route through the magnificent Sipi waterfalls, to Northeastern Karamoja region. Roaming northern capital of Gulu, to the amazing Murchison Falls, track the chimpanzee, sight the rare tree climbing lions and dive into the hub where ‘Gold meets Silver’, track the mountain gorillas and return to Kampala.

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